First Max-Viz 1400 Enhanced Vision System AS350 Install

  • Avionics
  • 15-11-2016

We are pleased with our successful install of the first high resolution Max-Viz 1400 Enhanced Vision System (EVS) on a rotor wing aircraft for Skywork Helicopters. The Astronics Max-Viz provides pilots with real-time display for increased visibility in adverse weather conditions, such as darkness, precipitation, fog, dust, and smoke.

“The decision to select the Astronics Max-Viz 1400 was all about managing risk for our low-level operations by choosing infrared technology over autopilot,” said Skywork Director/Chief Pilot Roger Stevenson.

The enhanced vision system, now operational on a Skywork Airbus AS350B3 helicopter, is the first to be installed in New Zealand for flight operation. The Astronics Max-Viz 1400 EVS is compatible with both rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft and was recently certified to DO-160G standards by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics. 

Skywork Helicopters placed an initial order for three Max-Viz 1400s for installation on its helicopter fleet. “We have NVG [night vision goggles] cockpits and goggles for night VFR [visual flight rules] if required, however the Max-Viz EVS option is available at all times and the assurance provided by the system makes everyone feel safer during the day and at night,” said Stevenson. “We are proud to be known in the aviation industry as a company that has an uncompromising attitude towards delivering the highest possible level of safety and service,” he continued. “We feel that adding the Astronics Max-Viz 1400s to our fleet will further enhance our reputation.”

We at Oceania Aviation are the Astronics Max-Viz’s dealer in New Zealand and our recent install of the Astronics Max-Viz EVS 1400 is the first of several Skywork helicopters to receive the new technology. This installation project can be described as the satisfying culmination of 6 months’ work promoting and educating the New Zealand market on the benefits of the Astronics Max-Viz system.

Although breathtaking, the New Zealand landscape provides challenges to even the most experienced pilot. With our complex geography and climate that includes warm subtropical features in the far north to cool temperate climates in the far south and severe alpine conditions in the mountainous areas, the Max-Vis 1400 EVS is a piece of equipment many New Zealand operators need to look into.

Safety within aviation is paramount in all flight conditions and the Astronics Max-Viz 1400 offers enhances safety and reduces the risk of reduced visibility in many flight regimes while still flying under VFR rules.

“It was a pleasure to work with Skywork Helicopters and Oceania Aviation on this project,” added Astronics Max-Viz executive vice president Elliott Troutman. “The ruggedness and reliability of our system is well suited to Skywork’s varied challenging missions in the New Zealand environment.”

It was an arduous task, but one that has satisfied all parties. We have an imminent install on Skywork Helicopters second aircraft – an AS355N – and a separate customer’s EC130T2.

We are currently in the planning stages of fitting a Max-Viz 2300 sensor to the Northland Rescue Trust’s S-76 helicopter due for fitment early 2017.

To find out more about the Max-Viz system contact:

Philip Hutchings


p: +6421 860 514

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