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  • CD-155
  • 12-10-2016
  • Larry Jooste

As the only authorised Continental Diesel service centre in Australasia to offer operators with the option to have a diesel engine retrofitted into their Cessna or Piper, our clients are able to fly their aircraft on cleaner and more economical fuel source. 

Upgraded with a brand new Continental Diesel engine and MT propeller, your aircraft will be powered by a turbocharged CD-155 generating 155 horsepower, 114kW of power on take-off and the ability to run on either diesel or Jet A1.

The CD-155 will allow your aircraft to travel further, deliver higher payloads, and with a fuel burn being up to 40% more efficient than comparable AVGAS engines, this will keep money in your pocket.

Not convinced? Here's why our diesel conversion is a great option.

1. Cost Effectiveness

With diesel and Jet A1 being up to 20% cheaper than regular AVGAS, you'll not only save every time you fill up. Then there's the higher efficiency of the compression ignition engine reducing the fuel consumption by 30-40% than regular Combustion Ignition engines. Saving you both at the pump and while in the air.

2. Environmentally Friendly 

Converting to diesel is also the "greener choice" making it great for the environment. Your aircraft will produce up to 97.5% less CO and 28.5% CO2, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint as well as providing zero lead emissions.

3. Increased Safety

While the new MT3 constant speed propeller offers a quieter flying (or teaching) environment, the single power lever also reduces pilot workload. Add that to the fact that the turbo dfiesel CD-155 engine is more reliable and has a greater safety performance than comparative AVGAS powered engines.

4. Increased Payload, Same Mission

With a reduced fuel cost and a more efficient engine provides increased options, allowing operators to offset distance for payload. Increased altitude also offers the option to fly over rather than around, saving on time and money. 

For more information on the benefits of the CD-155, please get in touch.

Larry Jooste

Engineering Manager | | +64 21 221 3998

Larry Jooste
Posted by Larry Jooste
Larry Jooste heads up Oceania Aviation's Hamilton location as the Engineering Manager. Starting his aviation career for the South African Airforce, Larry is a highly experienced licenced engineer for all types of piston and turbine aircraft, and is maintenance approved for Airbus and Boeing. Although having his single and twin engine pilots licence, his passion remains with engineering and his strong focus on developing new technology has pioneered our involvement in diesel and our CD-155 Engine Upgrade service.


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