Factory Made Or Home Build, The Choice Is Yours

We represent The Airplane Factory as it's authorised distributor in New Zealand.

Produced in South Africa and proven in round-the-world tours, the Sling 2 and Sling 4 both offer a variety of options to suit the needs of any operator.

Their aluminum body offers a longer lifespan when compared to composite counterparts. That strength and durability means she won't break easily and if looked after correctly should last operators as long as needed. The Sling 2 is available ready-made or in a kit while the Sling 4 available only as a kit with the requirement of at least 51% built domestically. 

Then there's the interior. Modem with a wide cockpit offering plenty of shoulder space, all-round views and storage for long items. Each model comes with the latest in avionics and flight systems as well as a range of optional extras. It's easy to say the Sling aircraft offer a state-of-the-art flying experience.



  • Sling 2
  • Sling 4

Sling 2

The original model developed by The Airplane Factory, the Sling 2 can be delivered fully built as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Sling Aircraft is constructed from CNC punched graded aluminium, with all parts alodined and all components primed for corrosion protection. Quality airframe structure gives strong durability that will last you for life.

With its highly responsive controls and aluminium construction, this aircraft provides the qualities of a fighter jet aircraft while being highly economical and cost effective to fly. Equipped with high quality components, the Sling 2 will give you a state-of-the-art flying experience.

Engine Options: Rotax 912 ULS or 912 iS fuel injected or 914 UL Turbo charged 

Horsepower: 100HP / 75 kW or 100HP / 75 kW or 115HP / 86 kW (Turbo) 

Propeller Option: Airmaster or Whirlwind

Avionics: Garmin GTR 200 VHF radio / intercom & Rami 10V VHF antenna

Cruise Speed: 115 KTAS/132 MPH or 114 KTAS/131 MPH or 118 KTAS/136 MPH

Rate of Climb: 900 fpm or 850 fpm or 950 fpm15,000 ft Max Operating Altitude

Performance Range: 750nm/1400km or 750nm/1400km or 730nm/1350km at 75%

Other Features: Cabin Heater, Internal LED Light, Electric Fuel Pump, Adjustable Seats and Padels, Leather Interior

Optional Instruments Upgrade: Garmin GNC 255 NAV COM with AV12L antenna, Garmin GTX 23 Mode S Transponder, Garrecht Avionics Remote Mode S Transponder, ELT E-04 ACK, Garmin back-up battery, Autopilot and more.

Paint & Exterior Finish Options: Metallic or Red paint, Complex paint job (quote), Stripes on fuselage, wings or spats per stripe and more.

nterior Options: Golf bag luggage extension, Sling pedals, Dual toe hydraulic brakes

Sling 4