Instrument Calibration

Results With 95% Confidence

Our Calibration Lab is supported by knowledgeable staff with over 18 years’ experience in the science of Metrology. Our specialist services offer maintenance and engineering centres the quality calibration needed to derive confident results, ensuring your instrument’s accuracy as required by aviation industry standards.

Environmentally controlled, we ensure repeatable results at a 95% confidence level.

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Ray Taylor

Ray Taylor

Calibration Lab & NDT

Based in Hamilton

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Pressure Metrology

Pressure Gauges | Oil Pressure Gauges | Tire pressure Gauges | Differential Pressure Testers |

Force & Torque Metrology

Force Gauges | Torque Wrenches | Cable Tensiometers | Torsiometers |

Dimensional Metrology

External Micrometres | Internal Micrometres | Depth Micrometres | Thread Micrometres | Blade Micrometres | Deep Throat Micrometres | Digital, Vernier and Dial Callipers | Go/No Go Plain Parallel Pin Gauges | Pin Gauges | Feeler Gauges / Gap Gauges | Depth Gauges | Swage Gauges |


Temperature Measuring Instrument | Thermocouple Meter | Resistance Probe |